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Green Community Events

Community events provide an excellent opportunity to promote your environmental initiatives, while providing opportunities for the general public to connect with your theatre or production and its values. Community events also help develop stronger community ties and give back to the community, all while establishing opportunities for positive press and benefiting the environment.

There are a wide variety of environmentally-related community events that your theatre or production could consider organizing. These events can be a great way to educate and engage with the public on environmental protection. For example:

  • Clean Up Day: consider coordinating cast and crew members to work with local organizations or school groups to clean up an area of the community such as local parks, playgrounds, beaches or other outdoor places. This could involve picking up trash, planting trees or other vegetation, restoring playgrounds, or installing new infrastructure like recycling bins.
  • Recycling Drives: consider organizing a recycling drive that encourages members of the community to come and drop off old electronics or other items for recycling (make sure you use e-Stewards-certified recyclers for any electronics recycling). Your drive could incorporate incentives like interactions with cast members or a chance to win tickets or memorabilia. The BGA hosts biannual e-waste and textile drives in Times Square where theatres and productions are encouraged to bring electronics for recycling.
  • Planting Trees: consider coordinating cast and crew members to work with local organizations or school groups to plant trees.
  • Eco-Award Events: consider organizing an event with actors to award local organizations or students for their commitment to protecting the environment.
  • Eco-Friendly Product Giveaways: consider having cast or crew give away eco-friendly products such as reusable grocery bags, energy-efficient light bulbs or magnets with recycling or greener living tips.

For more information about environmental volunteering opportunities and events in New York City, visit NYC Service.

Broadway Community Events

The BGA hosts two textile recycling drives and two electronic waste recycling drives each year. In December 2012, the BGA collected almost 5 tons of electronic waste in partnership with WeRecycle, an e-Stewards certified recycler. The day before the collection event, the BGA held an electronics re-use event, where people brought operating electronics to exchange, such as printers, shop vacs, cameras, earbuds, cell phones and chargers. In March 2013, the BGA’s textile drive collected 1,800 pounds of textiles from the Broadway community for reuse and recycling by Wearable Collections.

The BGA also participates in Kids Night On Broadway.  In 2013, the BGA debuted the “Broadway Green Game,” designed by BGA member Donyale Werle, which was a matching game showing green efforts by Broadway productions and theatres.

Members of the BGA participate in the annual TD 5 Boro Bike Tour organized by the non-profit Bike NY , raising money on behalf of the BGA.  In 2013, the BGA team raised nearly $19,000 to fund the BGA’s green programs, including future community events.