Pre & Post Production

Join the Pre/Post Production Committee

The Pre/Post Production Committee of the Broadway Green Alliance is an excellent resource for learning about and sharing better practices about how to design, fabricate, assemble, and disassemble a show more sustainably. The committee engages set, lighting, costume, projection, and sound designers, as well as technical directors, artisans, technicians, and shop managers.

The committee’s major initiatives include:

  • Green Design and Shop Workshops: Committee members are involved in teaching classes and workshops, and speaking at events and conferences about more sustainable theatre design choices and practices.
  • Closing Green: Since 2009, the committee has achieved an estimated landfill diversion rate of over 85% for Broadway show sets by prioritizing reuse, donation, and recycling of sets after shows close.
  • Gel Recycling: The committee established a pilot program for collecting used gels from productions to be reused by other organizations such as off-Broadway and regional theatres.

Visit the Broadway Green Alliance’s Pre/Post Production committee page or contact for more information about the committee’s initiatives.

To get started choose your area of interest: Set, Lighting, Costume, Sound or Tech Directors.