Join the Touring Committee

The Touring Committee of the Broadway Green Alliance is an excellent resource for learning how to reduce the environmental impacts of touring Broadway shows and regional productions, and how to operate greener practices at Broadway touring venues and regional theatres around the country.

The committee’s major initiatives include

  • Green Venue Scorecard: The BGA conducts periodic surveys of the green practices and services offered at touring venues, such as recycling programs, energy-efficient equipment, alternative transportation options, and recycled content bathroom tissue.
  • Touring Green Offset Program: Many touring shows purchase carbon offsets for the emissions caused by transporting moving theatrical scenery, equipment and instruments during tours through Clark Transfer’s Touring Green program.  Since 2009, the program has offset over 15,000 tons of carbon by investing in offsets such as wind power.
  • Green Captain Program: The BGA aims to identify a Green Captain at touring Broadway, Off Broadway, and regional shows to help implement green practices during production, and help engage cast and crew members in these initiatives.

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